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Advanced weapons proficiency course – 3 days

This course is designed for students who have an above intermediate level of competency in weapons manipulation. Alfa Metal instructors take every tactic and technique that can be applied to the primary and secondary weapon and has the students simply run them all. These exercises are delivered without context. No job titles, no operational objective just learning a higher level of weapons handling. Learn to move not only faster when operating a weapon but systematically and methodically. Duration: 3 days Topics:
  • Magazine placement and change drills.
  • Physical training
  • Magazine changes from advanced positional concepts.
  • Loading and unloading procedures for range and street situations.
  • Scanning and move for best cover options.
  • Weapons operations during multiple impairments.
  • Alternating sighted and unsighted shooting techniques.
  • Symmetrical and asymmetrical weapons operation.
  Facility : tactical shooting range and polygon Weaponry : Glock 17 , AK-47/Arsenal/, M4 Ammunition : minimum of 400 rds per person , 9x19mm, AK-47- 200 rds, M4- 200 rds, Number of trainees : a minimum of 5 persons is required
Certificate : a Certificate for professional qualification in the profession “Security Officer”, extended vocational training – “Shooting Preparation” , Europass Supplement, recognized in all EU countries
Equipment : appropriate clothes due to the weather conditions and season , comfortable shoes, tactical belt, holster, sport tracksuit/clothes. .
Price of training course : 953 EUR per person ( in the price is not  included accommodation and catering services ) The payment can be made by bank transfer, a deposit is required , equal to 30%.
Категория : Услуги
Регион : Габрово
Тип : Предлагам
Уеб сайт: https://www.alfa-metal.com/en/course/z5-advanced-weapons-proficiency-course-3-days/
Дата на публикуване : 2020-03-06
Дата на валидност : 2021-03-06
Видяна: 445 пъти
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Валидноста на ВИП обявата е 15 дни.
Цена на sms-а 2,40 с ДДС за Мтел,Глобул,Виваком.

Обяви за строителни ремонти и материали

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