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Gesture-controlled software

MESA is finding an increased awareness within several industries for enhanced engagement. This need is growing exponentially. MESA's Access Portal and bas software application that creates a digital kiosk paves the way for creative applications throughout many industries to achieve engagement. CHRL will propel each business, organization, and educator to the forefront of their industry. As you read the following ideas and scenarios, permit yourself to become immersed in the visions. But don’t stop your imagination at these examples! CHRL offers flexibility and reaches far beyond the listed industries.    
Категория : Други
Регион : Габрово
Тип : Продавам
Телефон: 8446372224
Уеб сайт: https://mesaent.net/
Лице за контакт : mesaent net
Адрес : 1406 E Pine St., Suite 109B, Midland, MI 48640
Дата на публикуване : 2021-08-26
Дата на валидност : 2022-08-26
Видяна: 115 пъти
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Gesture Controlled Software Touch Free Information Kiosk Touch Free Kiosk Gesture Controlled Kiosk Gesture Controlled Information Kiosk Software Software Company
Обяви за строителни ремонти и материали

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